Proptech, Retail Tech, Insuretech, Autonomous Vehicles,
Supply Chain, Data Analytics

With advances in AI transforming long established protocols, its applications are now widespread. Thousands of platforms are using AI to streamline how business is done.

Rally Point PR is working with client companies deeply involved in some of the most important trends in AI including Natural Language Processing, Autonomous Vehicles, Data Analytics, Deep Learning as they apply to a range of sectors including prop tech, retail tech, insuretech, customer experience, transportation, supply chain, and more that are disrupting their categories and redefining their sectors.

We always advise a drumbeat of news to reach business audiences and keep your brand top of mind. Here are a few key moments to keep in mind in your storytelling lifecycle:

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We always advise a drumbeat of news to reach business audiences and keep your brand top of mind. Here are a few key moments to keep in mind in your storytelling lifecycle:

Introducing yourselves

Meeting and briefing reporters who cover your space is key. Ideally, you want them to know something about you before you have a news announcement.

Announcing a fundraise

News of investor support in the press validates your company’s standing in the marketplace, and spurs the confidence of potential investors, partners, customers and ultimately users. It also serves as a reliable door opener to business reporters who appreciate and react to financial news.

Launching a product/service

Announcing the launch of a product or service is an excellent time to seek media coverage, especially in the context of the broader landscape. It is important to include your PR team early in the marketing process, so they can weigh in on how, when and where to announce.

Reporting a milestone

Use metrics of success to tap media relationships you have built over time. Showcasing the company’s performance in context can provoke a story. Incorporating testimonials from happy customers will add to your story.

Tying into the news

Newsjacking enables you to leverage the news agenda and make your brand and executives relevant. By inserting smart commentary into the news stream, you will effectively build your reputation as a thought leader.

Announcing a new hire

Industry trade publications routinely share news of executive hires. It’s another momentum builder and communicates that your company is a good place to work.

Seeking reviews

Users often rely on reviews to choose the right products or partners. It’s important to remember, however, that negative reviews can be as impactful as positive ones.

Being recognized

Being included on “best of” lists and winning awards from industry groups is a great way for prospects to find out about you.


Building credibility takes time. It’s important to have the support of outside advocates – investors, the media, analysts, influencers, your peers – and to be willing to share thoughtful and insightful comments about the landscape at large, not just your own business. By maintaining solid PR momentum and securing meaningful press coverage, you will build your reputation.

How do you know if your company needs PR help?

IF your brand isn’t getting enough love in the press…

it could be because you’re not trying hard enough! A concerted effort to proactively build relationships with the right journalists, announce your corporate news and take advantage of relevant opportunities, will likely increase your presence in the media, and inspire audiences to visit your website and ultimately to buy your product or service.

IF you’re putting out press releases and getting no pickup…

it could be because it takes more than that to generate a meaningful story, including an understanding of the landscape and leveraging relationships with reporters. After all, anyone can put a press release over a newswire as long as they’re prepared to pay for it.

IF you’re seeing your competitors get all the attention…

it could be because you’re not doing enough to tell your own story using news, executive commentary, data, analysts, influencers, conferences, and more.

PR can give you a competitive edge.

Companies that include PR in their marketing mix have the upper hand because they put the brand in front of the right media outlets (B2B and/or B2C) and drive coverage which in turn boosts customer acquisition and engagement.

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Awning uses machine learning to help individual investors find the best single family rental properties in select markets.

Awning’s founders developed an algorithm to virtually guarantee a solid ROI for new investors. They hired Rally Point to launch the company. By focusing on a surging rental market and Awning’s unique approach, our work raised awareness of their solution among its target millennial customers.

Read here for more information about our work with Awning.

Locomation developed a unique and disruptive autonomous driving technology that links two trucks together using proprietary AI.

The founders turned to Rally Point to help define its premise and build a messaging framework designed to communicate its unique positioning as the only human-guided, two-truck solution. By putting out a consistent flow of announcements and arranging briefings with journalists and analysts covering autonomous vehicles, trucking, supply chain, and sustainability, Locomotion is prepared to go big when the tech is ready.

Read here for more information about our work with Locomation
Browzwear is a pioneer in 3D and digital workflow solutions for the fashion industry.

With 650+ partners around the globe including Target, Lululemon, Walmart, Fruit of the Loom, Adidas, and many others who leverage Browzwear’s technology to streamline processes and reduce waste, Browzwear has been utilizing PR to raise visibility for at least five years.

By focusing on Browzwear’s technology solution and its emphasis on sustainable fashion, we have secured hundreds of media placements across the industry and has been included on the Fortune Impact 20 list.

Read here for more information about our work with Browzwear.
Koffie uses alternative data to provide trucking and transportation companies with fast, affordable insurance coverage.

Rally Point has focused on communicating the value of Koffie’s disruptive approach to trucking companies by sharing the story of its funding then focusing on the two founders, one from a trucking family, and the other, a data specialist. The PR team works closely with Koffie on content generation and conference booking, prioritizing reaching the trucking industry as well as venture and insurance.

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