PR Strategy for Real Estate

Brand value is essential for any real estate company looking to attract the right audience. Public relations can play a significant role in helping to develop and position a brand to achieve this. The case study below illustrates how Rally Point helped Awning create its brand recognition among potential investors.

OVERVIEW AND CHALLENGES for Real Estate Public Relations

Awning had developed a unique machine-learning-based technology to help individual investors identify the best single family rental properties in select markets. The company’s founders were confident their algorithm would virtually guarantee a solid ROI for new investors. But there were obstacles including competition from established startups and institutional investors who were grabbing headlines. Another challenge: the company’s generic brand name was causing confusion. Awning hired Rally Pount to rise above the noise.


Public Relations STRATEGIES

Rally Point focused on a surging rental market and Awning’s unique bespoke approach. Our five-month campaign focused on four overlapping focus areas designed to raise awareness of Awning, counter its competition, and capitalize on media interest:

  • Educating novice investors about the long-term value of real estate investment.
  • Placing exclusives and profiles to elevate the Awning brand.
  • Developing and pitching market-by-market data highlighting Awning’s authority in the space.

RESULTS OF Branding in Public Relations

A major feature in TechCrunch targeted Awning’s key audience: high net worth millennials planning for their financial future. Awning executives appeared as thought leaders and leveraged their personal experiences in outlets like Money, Globe St., Forbes, Forbes Advisor, and Business Insider. Awning gained extensive local market coverage by releasing market reports for two key cities, Austin and Houston, which led to related articles in outlets including Axios, Houstonia, and Houston Agent Magazine, Houston Business Journal.

Overall, Awning experienced a significantly raised profile both nationally and in key real estate markets, as well as an elevated reputation and national level of awareness for both the company and its founders.

  • “We doubled our traffic on the day of the TechCrunch article and the content helped us foster trust with our early customers.” – Shri Ganeshram, Awning CEO and Co-Founder

Are you looking for PR Real Estate Services?

In the current technological era, many resources are at your disposal to aid in shaping an effective public relations strategy. The crux of triumph lies in discerning the optimal approach and proceeding with the persistent execution of tactics that effectively resonate with the intended target audience.

It is never too late to revamp the branding of a real estate enterprise. We can assist in the refinement of your public relations plan in order to bring your business to the next level, no matter what size it may be.

To begin crafting an effective real estate public relations approach, book a free consultation and we will create a customized strategy tailored to your brand.


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