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The global chatbot market is huge, expected to top $102 billion by 2026, and as many as 47% of American shoppers say they’re open to making a purchase via chatbots. ManyChat is the world’s leading chat marketing platform. Using Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, SMS, and email, ManyChat helps over 1.5 million businesses around the world use bots to engage with their customers in a life-like way to optimize sales, saving them money and time.

ManyChat came to RallyPoint to raise the profile of the company in the U.S. and establish it as a leader in chat marketing.


Rally Point focused on inundating the marketplace with ManyChat news.

  • Working closely with ManyChat’s content team, Rally Point revised and repackaged blog content as bylined articles and created new pieces to demonstrate thought leadership
  • Promoting new products and partnerships
  • Supporting ManyChat Summits
  • Leveraging ManyChat’s influencer advocates
  • Merchandising customer case studies
  • Extracting ManyChat customer data on topical questions


In 2022, as Instagram shopping surges, the company saw its new registrations explode, resulting in 1.7 billion messages per month. According to Mike Yan, the number of ManyChat customers has increased 16x since the company was founded. Through our media relations work, we’ve reached many millions of reader with bylines like this one in Forbes and coverage in The Information, Martech Series, Yahoo Finance, MultiChannel Merchant and more.

  • Chat marketing is expected to top $102 billion by 2026
  • With 1.7 billion messages a month, ManyChat is the way hundreds of millions of consumers engage with Instagram
    CEO Mike Yan used content and podcasts to establish himself in the U.S.
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