diversity & inclusion


Founded in 2018 by CEO Bahiyah Yasmeen Robinson, VC Include (VCI) is shining a light on and helping resolve a glaring problem in the investment world: the near total absence of diversity among asset managers and startup founders. Only 1.4% of all U.S. assets under management are managed by women and people of color, with only 3% of venture capital funds go to Black and Latinx founders and 2.3% of VC funding going to women-led startups.

VCI set off a long overdue tectonic shift in the asset management industry and leadership was looking for additional media support to provide credibility and third-party clout in the business and financial media.


  • Develop company messaging, the problems it is working to solve, and the social and financial impact of its work.
  • Leverage Black History Month to introduce CEO Robinson to important financial press.
  • Involve executives in relevant high-profile events.
  • Conduct team media training to fine-tune their engagement skills and sharpen their ability deliver the story to maximum effect.


In this ongoing campaign, VCI’s level of engagement with major financial and business media and financial organizations has been transformed from non-existent to consistent. VCI’s CEO and executive team have been well-prepared to engage with the financial media and appear at public events in New York City.

VCI CEO Bahiyah Johnson has appeared on Yahoo Finance and Bloomberg TV and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and Fortune. She also participated in the Bloomberg Equality Summit and spoke at a Bloomberg New Voices Initiative event.

  • Brought VC Include to the attention of beat reporters
  • Educated media about impact of having diverse investment experts on BIPOC
  • Shed light on climate-focused funds
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