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Viable is the only qualitative AI company to provide natural language querying of customer feedback. Using its own technology powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3, Viable is able to analyze huge quantities of data and deliver customer feedback reports that are highly accurate in understandable English. With Viable, companies can ask any question and in seconds get plain language answers from their customer surveys, help desk tickets, app store reviews, and more. Viable hired Rally Point to uplevel its visibility and tell the world about its technology and its groundbreaking capabilities.


Rally Point was challenged with communicating the value of Viable’s sophisticated AI to its key audiences including product managers, CTOs and marketing leaders by:

  • Delving into Viable’s value proposition and why brands should use it to discover trends and insights in their customers’ feedback.
  • Conveying the magic of NLP and how it can help distill understandable messages from thousands of pieces of feedback and deliver the right insights to the right teams at the right time.
  • Leveraging news announcements to tell the company story, and highlight its founders, brothers Dan and Jeff Erickson.
  • Using Viable’s own data and customer case studies, when available, to tell its story.
  • Creating content for the CEO on compelling topics for niche trade media covering AI, Data Analytics, Product Management, NLP, etc.


Creating compelling messaging geared specifically to the Viable customer was our first priority as we shaped a communications program. While our first impulse was to surface customer data as a publicity vehicle, with coverage on Yahoo Finance among others, we soon realized that Viable’s customers were focused on the tech itself. Announcing an important fundraise enabled us to secure a game-changing feature in Venturebeat with a deep discussion of Viable’s capabilities and integration with GPT3. Bylines like this one in Inside Big Data are working to raise CEO Dan Erickson’s profile.

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  • Ranked best GPT3 tool for customer service by Decentralizedcreator.Com
  • “Viable is the first analytics startup to use the GPT-3 language model…to extract immediate insights … at an enterprise scale.” — TechStartups
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