Just as Spotify Wrapped announced (to our pleasure or chagrin) the music that captured our hearts in 2023, we did a little sifting through the content that resonated with Rally Point readers over the past twelve months.

Here were the top three blogs that readers enjoyed on Rally Point’s blog this year – and what it says about our mindset around public relations and strategic communications.

1) Revolutionizing the Game – How Technology is Changing the Sports Industry

The passage: “One of the most significant changes that technology has brought to sports is the use of advanced analytics and data visualization. Teams and organizations are now able to collect and analyze an enormous amount of data on everything from player performance to team strategies.”

The perspective: indeed, technology will continue to have a transformative effect on the companies who are willing to harness its power.

2) Perspective–Taking: an Essential Public Relations and Strategic Communications Tool

The passage: “Excellent PR requires excellent perspective-taking. This entails taking the time to anticipate the mindset of reporters who are most likely to care about the client and its news. The rewards for reverse-engineering a well-targeted list of influential journalists who are most likely to care are manifold.”

The perspective: This piece from 2021 emphasizes the fact that what’s old can be new again; and challenges us to breathe new life into pre-existing content as a strategic way to showcase some of our best thought leadership.

3) The Three C’s That Contribute to a Great PR Partnership

The passage: “Playwright George Bernard Shaw said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion it has taken place.” …. By committing to these “Three Cs,” clarity, communications and consistency, you can ensure a smooth and successful experience.”

The perspective: if your company’s approach to PR in 2023 has been fraught with announcements that fizzled and commentary that didn’t land, it’s time to start anew.

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