A company website without content is like a blank canvas. While crisp and clean, it’s often devoid of personality. Content (meaning a blog, social media updates or links to company news articles) helps illustrate who and what a company is and what they value. It establishes tone and personality. Content is the most efficient way to create and reach target audiences and communities in compelling ways (it’s also the fifth step in our Persuasion Equation approach to campaign creation). 

Let’s dive into the transformative power of content.

It Inspires Larger Conversations

As PR professionals, one of the first areas of focus we tackle when onboarding a client is discussing not only what their communications goals are, but their business goals as well. Regarding their target media, do they want to be featured in The Wall Street Journal, interviewed for trade podcasts, or do they need assistance in crafting bylined articles? 

Developing content that shares a unique POV is a great way to join a timely conversation. For example, this past year, the topic of AI infiltrated almost every sector. Is AI stealing jobs, adding jobs, does it make your job easier, is it here to stay or just a fad? Finding a way to provide commentary in broad industry-related issues is a great way to build rapport with journalists and add value for your target audiences, all while building your knowledge base on the website (SEO!). Journalists receive hundreds of emails a day. Above all: establishing your perspective through a unique lens can make your commentary more attractive and increase the likelihood of being mentioned or featured in a news article. 

It Builds Credibility

If you’ve ever spoken about, researched or remembered something you read earlier from a newspaper, you’re familiar with the power of content.

It’s tremendously exciting for brands to see their name and products in print, but it also means that your brand is now associated with an independent news outlet. The reporter and editor have conducted their due diligence, and you have further established trust with the reporter. Readers of the article now assume the trust of your company or product. This is the power of PR.

It takes a huge amount of work to get there and it doesn’t happen overnight. PR work is like a ladder. It can be helpful to create a solid foundation by building relationships with lower-tier media that allow you to work your way up to higher-tier or national. The long and short of this is, ALL media relations wins are important, and they help further tell your story.

Investing in Owned Content Can Often Lead to News Coverage

Reporters are always scouring the internet for new story ideas. While company updates and press releases are valuable, they most likely will not move the needle in terms of media interest in the way you desire. Humanizing a brand through various forms of content is a way to achieve this.

In recent years, the push for authenticity has moved companies out of their comfort zone and motivated more storytelling. We encourage the companies we work with to share their story in ways that are authentic and relatable. Something a client may not recognize as interesting could be just the thing to break into that target media outlet. 

The story doesn’t stop once it’s published. Another great thing about creating owned content is that it can be reworked and reused to fuel your own communications engine. For example, when placing a bylined article, the best way to get the biggest bang for your buck is to share the article across company social channels, reshare the piece on the company blog, and even pull quotes for additional future posts. Don’t be afraid to celebrate your wins!
Are you ready to fire up your company’s content engine? We would love to discuss how we can help. Please reach out to John Cook at john@rallypoint.pr to discuss further.

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