Bitcoin Miami was a big success for our growing fintech and digital asset team at Rally Point! 

We came, we saw, we… ate baklava?  More on that later…

But how exciting it was to see so many megastars like Serena Williams, Kevin O’Leary and even Dave Portnoy sharing their enthusiasm for all things crypto alongside industry leaders and market participants! And big thanks to all of the industry luminaries who are moving this market segment forward.  We gained so many insights at their sessions, including Mining Bitcoin with Renewables, featuring rising star and our client Will Szamosszegi, founder and CEO of Sazmining – here he is announcing their platform launch live on CoinDesk TV.

As events begin to pick back up, we were thrilled to connect in person with our clients StableHouse and Blockware Mining, too.

But back to the baklava.  And not just any baklava. The world’s most valuable baklava.  

Big thanks to early crypto adopter George Mandrik, who sold baklava for BTC way back in 2011. After hours pounding the show floor, we can’t express how much we appreciated a taste of the world-famous pastry. 

Like Bitcoin ’22, how sweet it was and we enjoyed every bit!

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