People want to be seen, heard and valued. 

As a 50-percent Black-owned public relations agency, we prioritize a diversity-driven approach that is a foundational aspect of our firm’s culture and client work. When we formally launched our diversity practice in 2022, we outlined a twofold mission:

  • Encourage existing clients, whatever their business, to elevate diverse voices in external communications
  • Tell the stories of our clients whose businesses center on diversity at their core, creating opportunities for people of color and the under-represented

Despite those commitments, we knew our convictions and beliefs around diversity, equity and inclusion called for a bolder vision. 

In 2023, we will deepen our footprint by being intentional and daring. We will do this by further identifying how Rally Point can make measurable progress in our work to increase diverse voices and, more specifically, diverse spokespeople in the media. 

We look forward to furthering our mission and creating a more equitable and inclusive media landscape where everyone has the opportunity to be seen, heard and valued.

Our Goals for 2023

Expertise has no demographic but in certain sectors, similar faces continuously remain at the forefront of essential conversations. Though we have seen growth in recent years, work is still needed and the finish line may not be reached in our lifetime. As such, we have established a few initiatives we want to accomplish in 2023 to remain intentional and further our work within the DEI space. 

Our Truth

At Rally Point, we recognize that diversity is not just a buzzword, but a driving force behind innovation and creativity. We are proud to have a diverse team of tenacious and creative communications professionals who are committed to our storytelling mission and to the principles of inclusivity and the culture of belonging that we stand for as an organization. 

Opportunity #1: Develop a Diverse Talent Pipeline

With both new and existing clients, we will continue to introduce and encourage important discussions around the promotion of building diverse spokespeople. To further this initiative, we will work to develop a talent pipeline, creating a toolbox which provides the necessary tools to cultivate upcoming voices and introduce them to the right audience. This includes providing media training to not only senior leaders but also uplifting junior talent so they are prepared to perform once called upon. 

Our Goal: Introduce 3-5 new diverse spokespeople to news media in 2023.

Opportunity #2: Extend Our DEI Leadership Training

In 2022, we custom-built our first internal DEI client training program. To prepare leaders for diversity-specific conversations with colleagues or outsiders that was akin to the principles of effective media relations, we engaged management in difficult but necessary conversations to educate them about the past to deal with the present and prepare for the future. While the initial response was tremendous, we know there are many organizations who are eager to use similar knowledge and translate these real-world skills into internal tactics. 

Our Goal: Host leadership training for 2-3 clients in 2023, and offer it as a pro-bono service to one company or non-profit organization.

Opportunity #3: Offer a Free Media Training Workshop to Rising Diverse Leaders and Voices

To educate and advance diverse rising-stars, Rally Point commits to offering free media training workshops. This workshop will include understanding the basics of working with reporters, mastering talking points, speaking eloquently on-camera and navigating challenging questions/topics.

Our Goal: Effectively train a small group of diverse up-and-coming executives.

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