The sprint before the holidays catches me off guard every year. Shouldn’t there be a gradual wind-down? Shouldn’t we all take a professional moment to collect our thoughts and reflect on the year behind us? 

No. There’s no time. There never is. 

Despite the rush, it’s important to consciously take a moment outside of the daily hustle. This is why I thoroughly enjoy prediction pieces. Yes, they’re rooted in reality but we can pull together observations and storylines from a year’s worth of experience to be speculative. 

Here are three themes we see in 2024: 

Think Augmented Intelligence, Not Artificial Intelligence

The promise of advanced AI is everything all at once: the dawn of a golden age for humanity while also an emergent extinction event. We’ve heard these takes from all sides, particularly through the drama surrounding OpenAI. The reality is a lot less dramatic now that we’ve all had time to test drive a range of AI-based tools. None of them function in a vacuum, which is why communications strategy by a skilled practitioner is more important than ever. 2024 won’t bring about revolutionary change but I anticipate AI to become increasingly effective in multiplying one person’s ability to get things done. From research to media targeting to content drafts, AI will make us all a lot more productive next year. 

Emerging Tech Will… Reemerge 

The Federal Reserve’s assault on inflation stopped the startup economy in its tracks (except AI, of course.) It makes sense – which VCs want to put money to work when interest rates are rising at historically high rates and it’s difficult to predict when they’ll stop? The tide appears to be turning, though. Inflation is cooling, the economy is running slower and officials indicate interest rate cuts are on the way. That all bodes well for a thaw in the flow of capital to early stage companies. I doubt we see a surge of VC investment similar to the past few years, but any positive movement forward will be significant for U.S. innovation. It’s time to get back on track.

Politics Pushes DEI Forward

There will be no bigger storyline next year than the U.S. presidential race. We know the players already, but the impact will be far-reaching from social issues to the economy. My co-founder, Dorian Langlais, sees election season as a positive moment for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). It’s welcome news after a difficult couple of years where DEI budgets were slashed and leadership positions were limited. What will change? Political discourse will push issues around race and equality firmly into the spotlight and organizations (particularly large corporations) won’t have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines.

While we wait for 2024 to arrive, let’s also appreciate the quiet that comes with the holiday season. All of us at Rally Point are taking some time with our families to enjoy a moment away from the hustle and bustle of our workdays. We hope you can do the same.

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