1. Learn Your Industries — Focus less on being a “PR person” and more on understanding how the industries you represent actually work. Are you in health and wellness PR? Dig into the drivers of how organizations are influencing health lifestyles. Working with heavy industry? Immerse yourself in commodity markets and supply chain issues.
  2. Stay Current — News and information move at a lightning fast pace. It’s up to every PR pro to be an information sponge. Soak it all in, live it and breathe it, and make sure you always know the latest developments.
  3. Client Service is Paramount — This covers a range of attitudes and activities, but you must understand the world the way your client does. What drives them? What’s important to them? After you understand that perspective, a successful PR pro is responsive to clients needs and constantly communicates clearly.
  4. Always Be Proactive — Our industry is one that runs on ideas. Step up and share — anyone in a senior leadership role will be grateful for your input, no matter how junior you are.
  5. Take Risks — Don’t be afraid to push yourself by taking on different types of clients, living or working in new geographies and trying a range of different industries. Each step along the way will build a better career.

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