A Q&A with Thy-Diep (Yip) Ta Q/A 

A thought leader and innovator in the Web3 space, Thy-Diep (Yip) Ta is building a token economy for people to transact and benefit from a collaborative stakeholder economy. She’s co-founded numerous businesses and organizations including SystAin3r, J3d.ai Labs, Governor H.E.R. DAO, DLT Talents and Balanced Being. Yip has also developed several blockchain education programs with a focus on catalyzing women’s participation in the blockchain. Last year she was recognized as a Top 100 Woman in Web3 for her contributions within the space. We caught up with Yip to better understand her approach and motivations to developing blockchain education programs for diverse markets. 

  • Yip, you have such a fascinating entrepreneurial journey. Can you share how you got here?

I’ve done a bit of everything – it takes many different skills to build your vision. My career started in management consulting with McKinsey & Company, where I advised world leaders on how to thrive in a digitized world. After consulting, I decided to tap into the Emotional Intelligence part of my brain and became an executive coach, then a meditation coach as I wanted to combine well-being with business. I’m also passionate about blockchain education initiatives aimed at fostering women’s involvement in Web3. 

  • You have been recognized as an award-winning blockchain innovator. What inspired you to pursue a career in blockchain?

During my participation at the World Economic Forum a few years ago, I had the privilege of meeting the founders of Ethereum and Hyperledger. This encounter served as a catalyst for my deep interest in the blockchain sector, as I recognized its potential as a transformative and inclusive technology for social good. Inspired by the idea of leveraging blockchain’s technical and permissionless nature, I embarked on a mission to reduce global barriers and created educational programs such as DLT Talents and H.E.R. Dao. These initiatives were born out of my belief that education is the key to unlocking opportunities and empowering individuals in the blockchain space, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and accessible future for all.

  • Why did you decide to launch these educational programs? 

According to a recent study, around 4% of the world’s population are Web3 users, however, it is hard to know the percentage who have at least knowledge of the fundamentals of the space beyond simply going on an exchange and buying Bitcoin. The percentage for women is even smaller. There was also a lack of qualitative and affordable blockchain courses to provide to participants who showed an interest in entering the Web3 space. With the creation of DLT Talents and Governor H.E.R. DAO, we saw the programs being used as a stepping stone to the Web3 economy of tomorrow for women leaders. Since the launch of DLT Talents, we have educated over 700 women from all over the world. 

  • Can you talk more about your intentional approach to DLT Talents? 

DLT Talents is a cohort-based program, with the goal of helping ambitious women to quickly onboard the blockchain ecosystem. We seek to empower women to get into blockchain technology, become leaders in this quickly developing space and build the basis for a successful career path field. The program adopts the United Nations SDGs and enables its participants to use their newly acquired blockchain skills for good and to create sustainable economic growth, opportunity and prosperity through job opportunities in their local and global communities. 

  • The fact that Systain3r is a 100% female-focused program is impressive, given that the blockchain and technology sectors have historically been male-dominated. What steps have you taken to encourage greater diversity within the program?

The SystAIn3r community sees itself as the catalytic force propelling the transformative potential of AI, Web3 and systems thinking. The organization has developed into an upskilling program for not only students, but managers and senior employees to unite pioneering women in tech & sustainability. Through Systain3r, we hosted a hackathon in November 2022 and discovered that women really thrive in this space. Our next initiative will be a 100 women in AI, web3 & sustainability Hackathon on Sept 21-23, 2023 in Munich. Having a diverse participant body provides all participants, regardless of their background, the tools and steps to better develop themselves on the same playing field. 

  • Can you talk about the current state of education and knowledge-sharing within the Web3 ecosystem? What are some of the gaps that you see in terms of balancing knowledge between genders, and how can these be addressed?

Web3 is about the age of an iPhone, meaning we are just beginning to crawl in terms of globalization. A lot of projects have come to market and disappeared within a few months. Last year, FTX was a huge phenomenon and disappeared quickly. Similar things have happened to Celsius and Luna – noting a huge focus that a lot of governance mechanisms are not apparent within the Web3 space. On the whole, we’re still waiting for breakthrough business models that will be sustainable throughout time. 

  • How can interested participants learn more about your initiatives? 

You can find additional information about our initiatives at: 


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