It’s been more than a year since Covid and we should certainly know how to Zoom by now, but if you’re at the beginning of your publicity journey and you’re due to do a live video interview virtually with the CNBCs or Cheddars of the world, what do you have to remember? 

Here are expert tips from our Co-Founder and Managing Partner (and longtime TV producer) Dorian Langlais.

  1. Frame your camera shot so that the bottom of the frame should hit just below your chest with a small amount of space above your head. 
  2. Make sure your background is neutral, no distractions (keep kids, cats and partially clothed visitors out of frame)
  3. Avoid sitting near a window or other light source which could create glare or shadows
  4. Wear something solid, preferably light blue
  5. If you wear glasses, avoid reflective lenses or light responsive lenses
  6. Make sure your camera is at eye level
  7. Look directly into the lens
  8. If needed, elevate your camera by placing the device on books, a box or other stable object
  9. Make frequent natural eye contact as if engaged in in-person conversation
  10. Gesture occasionally, but make sure you’re back far enough that the interviewer/audience can see your hands
  11. Close any computer programs that bing, ring, or sing (e.g. Slack) which will be audible
  12. And, says Dorian, don’t be so flustered or entranced that you forget all your other media training lessons!  

Reach out to us if you need a refresher!


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