The AI Revolution Is Now

Communications strategies for
AI-driven tech companies

With the introduction of ChatGPT and Dall-E, the advent of AI and its implications have hit home for all of us.

We can actually experience the technology ourselves creating narrative text that could have been written by a human, and unique imagery that’s creative and original. While AI has intrinsic flaws yet to be fully resolved, it has and continues to transform long established protocols.

Thousands of businesses are using AI to streamline how work gets done.

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Media relations opportunities for AI-related companies

Bottom line, AI transformation is a story worth telling, by focusing on specifics, digging deep to understand and convey how your operations were transformed. Is there data available to illustrate any savings in time or money, or increased productivity? Focusing on specific outcomes always helps tell the story. Here’s a proven playbook of media coverage strategies for every tech company.

Announcing news

An acquisition, fundraise, investment, data report will get coverage more easily, and will help validate your company’s standing in the marketplace, spurring the confidence of potential investors, partners, customers and ultimately users. It also serves as a reliable door opener to business reporters who appreciate and react to news and data.

Launching a product/service

Announcing the launch of a product or service is an excellent time to seek media coverage, especially in the context of the broader landscape. As PR, make sure you have a seat at the table when it comes to the announcement, so you have a chance to weigh in all the relevant details and messaging.

Reporting a milestone

Use metrics of success to tap media relationships you have built over time. Showcasing the company’s performance in context can provoke a story. Incorporating testimonials from happy customers will add to your story.


There’s so much AI news. Tying into the news enables you to leverage opportunities and make your brand and executives relevant. By inserting smart commentary into the news stream, you will effectively build your reputation as a thought leader.

Announcing a new hire

Industry trade publications routinely share news of executive hires. It’s another momentum builder and communicates that your company is a good place to work.

Seeking reviews

If it’s a product or a platform, users – whether they’re consumers or enterprise – often rely on reviews to choose the right products or partners. It’s important to remember, that negative reviews can be as impactful as positive ones, so be confident about your product before you pitch reviews.

Being recognized

Being included on “best of” lists and winning awards from industry groups is a great way for prospects to find out
about you.

Content creation

Writing bylined articles in the name of key executives or advisors ensures your message is being communicated, and provides a platform for thought leadership and provocative commentary. This can be done in coordination with news announcements to add a measure of timeliness to your efforts.


Building credibility takes time. It’s important to have the support of outside advocates – investors, the media, analysts, influencers, your peers – and be willing to share thoughtful and insightful comments about the landscape at large, not just your own business. By maintaining solid PR momentum and securing meaningful press coverage, you will build your reputation.

Rally Point PR is experienced with media relations for AI and
software companies

Rally Point PR is working with disruptive client companies deeply involved in sectors where AI is revolutionizing operations: retail, customer care, real estate, insurance, transportation, logistics, robotics.

We are experienced in a wide range of AI-driven technologies including

  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Machine learning
  • Cloud computing
  • Natural language processing
  • Virtual reality
  • Chatbots
Whether we’re leveraging the latest AI research, or securing panel spots at the industry’s largest conferences, Rally Point knows how to build campaigns that work to get you the visibility you deserve.

Our tech team knows how to convey those benefits and more using our persuasion equasion.

  • Research
  • Strategic planning
  • Narrative development
  • Messaging
  • Media training
  • Media outreach
  • Content creation
  • Data development
  • Advocacy
  • Conference and event planning
  • Special activations and stunts
  • Social amplification


Your AI story – whether a new use case or a story of transformation – can provide the momentum you’ve been waiting for. Take a look at the following AI-related case studies from Rally Point:

Netail, developed by AI legend Andrew Ng, is using AI to provide deep, customized competitive insights to its retail clients for the first time ever.

Netail uses AI to auto-identify competitors across the internet and track their assortments, availability and optimize prices in real time. With the majority of purchase decisions now made online via search, marketplaces and social media, retailers are struggling to adapt. Co-founded by Mark Chrystal, who joined Andrew Ng at Landing AI about a year and a half ago to develop cutting-edge AI-based solutions to bring into the retail space, according to Venturebeat, the team ideated solutions that were then tested and validated with retailers. Netail’s AI technology is designed to help them succeed by attracting, converting and retaining customers in these increasingly competitive digital arenas. Real-time data and decision-making are essential for retailers to better understand how products are positioned.

Global Fair uses machine learning to transform cross border trade in the construction business.

In an historically unstructured construction industry, with almost no technology, GlobalFair is disrupting this fragmented supply chain by leveraging machine learning and predictive technology to build a borderless trade economy. According to TechCrunch, “GlobalFair also offers a tool to automate construction material cost estimates from architectural plans and site shop drawings. Beyond this, the company hosts a material visualization app to help architects and designers anticipate how things might look once installed, as well as automated enterprise resource planning.”

Awning uses machine learning to help individual investors find the best single family rental properties.

Awning uses machine learning to help individual investors find the best single family rental properties in select markets with estimations of their financial returns. Awning’s founders developed an algorithm to virtually guarantee a solid ROI for new investors. They hired Rally Point to launch the company. According to TechCrunch, the platform does this by ingesting all the listings in the various markets, and automatically analyzes each one for returns and risks after an advisor learns about a potential investor’s financial goals. By focusing on a surging rental market and Awning’s unique approach, our work raised awareness of their solution among its target millennial customers.

Read here for more information about our work with Awning.

Locomation, a technology company, uses AI in its development of autonomous trucks.

Locomation developed a unique and disruptive autonomous driving technology that links two trucks together using proprietary AI. The founders turned to Rally Point to help define its premise and build a messaging framework designed to communicate its unique positioning as the only human-guided, two-truck solution. According to Forbes, autonomous trucks will change the face of logistics, and by putting out a consistent flow of announcements and arranging briefings with journalists and analysts covering autonomous vehicles, trucking, supply chain, and sustainability, Locomotion is prepared to go big when the tech is ready

Read here for more information about our work with Locomation

Koffie Financial uses AI to analyze insurance data sets for trucking fleets.

Koffie Financial uses alternative data to provide trucking and transportation companies with fast, affordable insurance coverage. Rally Point has focused on communicating the value of Koffie’s disruptive approach to trucking companies by sharing the story of its funding then focusing on the two founders, Ian White and Mike Dorfman, one from a trucking family, and the other, a data specialist. According to a story in Business Insider, when Dorfman met White, they saw an opportunity to make a dent in the problem. The Rally Point PR team works closely with Koffie on content generation and conference booking, prioritizing reaching the trucking industry as well as venture and insurance.

Viable, a customer feedback company, uses AI to analyze huge amounts of customer comments on multiple platforms in nanoseconds and summarizes it in natural language.

Viable pioneered the use of Natural Language Processing to analyze customer feedback. Using its own technology powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3, Viable analyzes huge quantities of data and delivers customer feedback reports that are highly accurate. ​​ According to Venturebeat, the most important feedback is not quantitative, but qualitative and Viable’s analytics software makes customer feedback actionable with automated aggregation, structuring, and analysis of text, enabling companies to get plain language answers from their customer surveys, help desk tickets, app store reviews, and more.

Read here for more information about our work with Locomation

How do you know if your AI-related tech company needs PR help?

IF your brand isn’t getting enough love in the press…

With all the news about AI these days, there are ample opportunities to deliver fresh perspectives. A concerted effort to proactively build relationships with the right journalists by announcing your corporate news and taking advantage of relevant opportunities will increase your presence in the media and inspire audiences to visit your website and ultimately to buy your product or service.

IF you’re putting out press releases and getting no pickup…

Press releases are just one tool in a comprehensive PR strategy. A successful campaign includes a deep understanding of the landscape and leveraging relationships with reporters. After all, anyone can put a press release over a newswire as long as they pay for it.

IF you’re seeing your competitors get all the attention…

it could be because you’re not doing enough to infiltrate the news agenda with your own story, executive commentary, data, analysts, influencers, conferences, and more.

Effective PR for AI companies delivers a competitive edge.

Companies that include PR in their marketing mix have the upper hand because they put the brand in front of the right media outlets (B2B and/or B2C) and drive coverage which in turn boosts customer acquisition and engagement.

PR for AI companies is also beneficial because it promotes the company to the stakeholders, showcasees their innovations and capture their attention. Rally Point has years of experience promoting AI companies through its media relations and Public relations. So if you are looking for a PR agency then contact Rally Point.

Effective PR For AI Companies

PR for AI companies is beneficial because it promotes their company to the stakeholders. It helps AI tech companies to showcase their innovations to the masses and capture their attention. Rally Point has years of experience promoting AI companies through its media relations and Public relations. So if you are looking for a PR agency then contact Rally Point.


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