We’re bullish on the state of crypto, but it’s certainly been a rocky year for the industry. If you’re headed down to BTC Miami this week, there are a few ways to maximize your participation with public relations in mind and help propel your momentum coming out of the conference. Check out our do’s and don’ts below. 


    • Have your proof points ready: what early success can your project point to that will interest and excite users, investors and/or media?
    • Pay attention to the news. There are serious players here and regulation is a big area of focus. Coverage from CoinDesk or Axios Crypto is always a good place to start. 
    • Pay attention to the conversations you’re having and with whom; consider if you’d want your conversation on the homepage of CoinDesk the next morning.
    • Familiarize yourself with the rules of attribution before speaking with reporters. Are you planning to share information on the record, off the record or on background? 
    • Know the players: familiarize yourself with any competitors attending and find ways to differentiate yourself from them.
    • Utilize the event app. The facility is HUGE and it is important to have an agenda that is constantly updated and a map to navigate the event center.
    • Check Twitter for event updates to refresh your options for meetups and interesting people you might want to connect with.


      • Harass reporters covering the event with multiple emails or texts; they are busy and being pummeled with requests for meetings and interviews. 
      • Overdo it at parties or anywhere alcohol is involved; keep your reputation in mind.
      • Forget your business cards!
      • Try to do everything: prioritize the meetings and sessions that will drive your business objectives.
      • Provide outdated collateral: ensure your website/social profiles are up to date before you begin directing new audiences to them.
      • Don’t get overwhelmed! Understand that with over 15,000 attendees and limited use of nametags its easy to get lost in the chaos; make sure to manage your expectations accordingly.
      • Don’t understaff your booth; make sure you have coverage for the full event time. You’ve paid for it, after all!

Want to chat about BTC Miami? We’re happy to offer a 20-minute PR prep session to prepare you for the event at this link https://calendly.com/jcrp.

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