For some forms of marketing and advertising — such as digital ads — it’s easy to see the ROI quickly. PR is slightly different because the ROI may take longer to see, and the revenue earned could be challenging to calculate. 

After all, how would you determine revenue gained (or lost) due to a company’s reputation? 

Let’s take a look at five reasons PR is worth the money: 

Get an Objective Look at Your Efforts 

Hiring an outsider such as a public relations agency can offer an unbiased perspective of current marketing and advertising efforts. They can create a strategy, campaign, and messaging to highlight brand strengths to help you reach company goals. 

Most PR agencies specialize in specific industries or sectors, so you may also get some competitive insight. Using an agency to help you step outside the box is an intelligent way to bring creativity. 

Elevate & Control the Reputation 

PR agencies have the expertise to do what all companies wish they could do on their own: influence others. 

It’s not just about influencing potential customers; it’s about having control over the general public, consumers, investors, clients, and stakeholders. 

To influence opinions, you need an ironclad strategy (more than just ads or social media posts). PR agencies can protect a brand in challenging times and clear the path for growth when things are good. 

Get Consistent Coverage 

Sharing information about your products and services via your website and social media is one way to increase brand awareness. But, bringing potential customers and clients to your company after seeing your brand in a trusted publication is a priceless form of marketing because not everyone can do it. 

Getting quoted in an article shows your audience that the company is in the know, it’s connected, and it’s a trusted resource. Getting regular press coverage (for positive things) is a way to boost your digital reputation, which leaves a lasting impression. 

Increase Leads & Sales

Changing opinions and building a solid reputation takes time, but it can result in more leads and increased sales. 

Most consumers look at a company’s digital presence before making a purchase decision. This includes reading online reviews, articles, social media posts, and other information. 

Customers want to know their money is going to a trusted company that sells quality products or services and aligns with their ethics. Using a PR agency to ensure your online reputation is up to snuff will set the sales for more leads and sales. 

Set the Foundation for Future Growth 

Usually, when things aren’t great, companies look to PR agencies to get back on the right track. But, the best time to fix things is before they break. 

A PR agency is one way to put preventative measures in place, especially when it comes to brand protection. A Hollywood-level scandal may never affect your business, but consider the current state of the economy. 

When the economy is terrible, companies with an established customer base will be better off. 

As you can see, there are several reasons why investing in PR is worth it. RallyPoint specializes in several sectors, and we tailor each strategy to fit your goals.

Contact us to learn more about how PR can help your brand!

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