How are you feeling about the global economy?

The answer, to us, depends on the day. Markets are up, then they’re down. Crypto surges, then declines. Meanwhile venture capital makes cautious bets and our early- and growth-stage clients look to conserve funding. 

There is a natural tendency during turbulence to become cautious and retreat from public view. During our time as journalists at CNBC, we lived through the uncertainty of the 2008 financial crisis and Great Recession. Regular commentary contributors disappeared without the confidence of a strong economy. So who emerged? We found the most value from those who were willing to make an attempt at explaining what was really happening. Make no mistake – there is risk in this approach. But that risk can be managed through well-researched and effective perspectives.

At Rally Point, we counsel our clients to make the most of chaos. Remember that everyone – whether a customer, client, investor, journalist or analyst – is looking for someone to light the way. These times are also when we typically see the largest spikes in viewership and readership, as well as engagement through social media.

Here’s how to make uncertainty work for your communications strategy: 

Have a point! Let’s address this head-on: no one (really, no one) wants to see your latest rehash of market moves or hear about what you read in Axios. Perspectives have to be fresh and new. They have to provide context or direction to something happening within an industry in order to cut through the noise. An obvious take? Not really. You’d be surprised by how many organizations rely on something regurgitated rather than something new.

Be willing and ready. We know that this is a stressful time. We know that you’re busy. But for anyone looking to be a resource (external or internal) you have to be available and ready to step forward amidst a hectic day. We’ve seen too many missed opportunities over the years to address a concern with a client or make a splash in the media. Prioritize your communications efforts for the best result. 

Deliver size and scope. No one should understand your industry better than you. You have to believe that whether you’re speaking to a journalist or giving updates to your client base. The real value for anyone on the receiving end of a communication is to frame your industry or a piece of it. Can you provide insight into how your client base is reacting to something and back it up with numbers? For VCs, how can you characterize the current environment and what the industry is doing as a whole? For our DEI-oriented clients, there is real risk to maintaining diversity hiring and retention amidst a recession. What can you say about it?

When you deliver size and scope through thought leadership, you frame how the industry thinks about the world. That kind of value is extraordinary amidst uncertainty.

On behalf of everyone at Rally Point, we look forward to being more connected. Please reach out for a free PR audit of your communications challenges and opportunities.

– John and Dorian

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