Rally Point is celebrating its eighth year in business. 

Through the crypto boom and bust, cycles of tech funding and trend changes, significant shifts in the global economic and political landscape, it’s been quite a ride. We’ve run campaigns all over the world and our team has grown substantially from two founders to 20 people. So why start a newsletter now? There are a variety of factors, but this is the culmination of our experience so far. Our goal isn’t just to give updates on our progress, but to deliver fresh perspectives from marketers, influencers and journalists – as well as from our own team. We’re optimists by nature, but know this is an unsteady time. Some thoughts and observations: A long, hot COVID summer: Was everyone on vacation all summer? That’s how it felt after 2+ years of COVID lockdowns and staycations. Financial markets are volatile, but many investors are on the sidelines. VCs have disappeared even as huge amounts of capital remain unallocated. Watch for a return to business this fall as entrepreneurs and investors alike get back to work. Quality over quantity: The world of venture-backed startups and surging crypto companies got a reality check midway through 2022. Many of them had overextended themselves and weren’t prepared for shrinking customer bases. What’s left? The good stuff. The companies that always had a better business model, were always smarter with their planning and who are ready to take advantage of the rebound. Shrinking violets never win: Amidst uncertainty, the knee-jerk reaction is to clamp down and stop speaking publicly. Don’t. Do. This. Right now is the moment when everyone is looking for clarity amidst uncertainty. Win the day with great perspectives and be an indispensable source of information to journalists, investors, clients, customers, or any other key audience. On behalf of everyone at Rally Point, we look forward to being more connected. Feedback is always welcome, so please reach out with your comments! ~ John and Dorian

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