Rally Point sent VP Lisa Kurtz and AE Danielle Paz to CES with client Kaltech to launch its new photocatalytic humidifier, the Yuragi Junsui Premier.

Day 1: Arrival

We left NY early, early, early Tuesday morning and arrived in Las Vegas by 1:00 am. We had finally arrived for CESthe biggest show on earth!

After many weeks of planning, we are finally here with our client, Kaltech, the Japanese photocatalytic company, maker of MyAir, personal air purifiers, and now, the Yuragi Junsui Premier, the first beauty humidifier using photocatalysis. The Kaltech crew arrived from Japan on Monday – a few days earlier – to set up their elaborate booth and prepare to unveil their newest creation.

Not unusual in this post-pandemic era, and compounded by the fact that they’re based in Tokyo, this was our first in-person meeting with the full Kaltech team, and the first time that we were to witness the new humidifier in person.

After media training, briefings, and demo reviews, we felt ready to provide front-line support to Kaltech’s top execs before some media briefings! 

In the Swing

Despite the crowd being significantly smaller than pre-pandemic times, CES remained massive and traditionally overwhelming. In beginning to see some trends, it became apparent wellness was one of the most relevant.

From a company with big aspirations to use photocatalysis, Kaltech’s new Yuragi Junsui Premier humidifier marked its introduction to beauty and wellness innovation. To purify the world’s air and water, this humidifier for home use uses tap water not distilled with a dual filtration system to kill the contaminants.

But the Yuragi was certainly not as quirky as some of the tech we saw. There are so many, but among them: a toilet sensor from Withings that tests your urine using a replaceable disc that hangs in your toilet bowl (!)  A pillow from Korean company 10Minds that moves your head gently when you begin to snore. A heavy duty massage chair from South Korean company Bodyfriend that kneads muscles, applies heat and pulses electromagnetic waves to ease the aches and pains we all get by being hunched over our phones and computers all day. Colorful dietary gummies made by Neutrogena and Nourished (a company we used to work with) are personalized for your skin care needs.  

Last day on the floor

Press was our main focus, making sure the Yuragi got the attention our client Kaltech was expecting. After spending a long day on our feet with the lovely Kaltech team, we feel pretty satisfied with what we secured! WIRED! USA Today, Reviewed! Gear Patrol! Positive comments across the board. A successful CES for Kaltech and Rally Point!

If you want to learn more about Rally Point and how we can help tell your story, just reach out and let’s talk!


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