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Rally Point Public Relations is a communications agency with the sector expertise and wide range of services required to change the status quo for our clients and deliver game-changing results. 

sector expertise


Tech is transforming how we interact with money, a revolution that client Qolo is driving forward.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is charting new paths, disrupting industries like trucking where Locomation's autonomous approach is transformative.

Crypto / Digital Assets

The crypto revolution is well underway and companies like CEX.IO are innovating at a rapid pace.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our commitment runs deep for ourselves and our clients, like VC Include and RiverFront which advance DEI goals and give voice to diverse executives.


Digital transformation is what client Browzwear is all about when it comes to 3D fashion design. We work to communicate that shift.

Venture Capital

Venture capital fuels new generations of tech leaders. We boost the profile of clients like Moderne Ventures to power the future.

Financial Services

Financial markets and economics are complex and smart commentary is critical. That approach is central to our RiverFront strategy.


The real estate biz is democratizing and reinventing for the future. Clients like Awning are leading the way.

Media / Marketing

New platforms are changing the game for creators and marketers. Clients like ManyChat are breaking ground for millions of global users.

HR Tech

Hiring right and retaining employees keep the C-Suite up at night. New tools and platforms like 1Huddle are transforming the role HR plays.


It’s a green, new world for cannabis. Cresco Labs, at the forefront of a rapidly emergency industry came to us to tell their story.

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Our PR services, which we call the Persuasion Equation, are rooted in understanding your objectives and implementing a menu of actions that move the meter. We take you on a journey through delivery, always focusing on the right strategy and audiences that matter. 


Take the time at the outset to understand the full story, the big picture and how PR can affect it. Then, focus on building a strategy, companion messaging and a campaign to match.

Media Relations

Building visibility means making news, surfacing compelling narratives and working to shape and tell stories in a thought-provoking way. It’s important not just to know what to say, but how to say it to be heard by those you’re trying to reach.


One way to become a trusted source of truth is to use your own data – aggregated information and insights about customer behavior, preferences, geographic or demographic differences, or surveys of members or clients. Data is a great way to open the door to coverage, providing journalists the information and insights they thrive on and it also serves as fuel for owned content, blog posts and social media.


By surfacing opinions that matter through written content, clients can take control of their message, and join the national conversation on their own terms. Whether in the form of bylined articles or blogs, this kind of thought leadership builds credibility and earns recognition.and it also serves as fodder for owned content, blog posts and social media.

Social Amplification

Expanding upon every piece of coverage and every development extends awareness and reach.


Building influence is part of the program.
By leveraging your own network – personally and professionally – and building new relationships, with analysts, authors, academics, you can shape perceptions. Think about the power of appearances at conferences and events, and winning awards to win attention and credibility.

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the point

Sign up for The Point and every few weeks we’ll drop a brief newsletter in your mail box featuring a Q&A with a marketer, along with the best posts from our eponymous blog.

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